The Urban Mindfulness Foundations Membership Pledge – adopted from the Mindfulness Association Membership Pledge.

On joining the Urban Mindfulness Foundation Membership you agree to the following:

  • Have or intend to have a daily Mindfulness practice.
  • Embody Mindfulness and Compassion as core values in your life.
  • Be kind and respectful to all other members of the Membership.

There are no fees to become a member!

Feel free to make a small donation and drop in to one of the appropriate sessions whenever you can.

If you are unable to make a small donation due to financial constraints, please email us for the link.

Whilst any donation you are able to make will go a long way to keeping us going and supporting others who would benefit from mindfulness but are not able to afford it. As such we have a suggested donation of £3 per session or £18 for all six drop in session starting in march.