Urban Mindfulness Foundation - Membership guidelines
  • Annual standard membership is free and provides:
  • Access to the Main Online Urban Mindfulness Community of Practice Group and Forum.
  • Connection with innovators, designers and developers of mindfulness that is offered in socially and culturally relevant ways.
  • Connection with others interested in stimulating social mobility and well-being for marginalised people working within the Mindfulness field and wellbeing industry.
Online Community Engagement Guidelines

Dear Friends,

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation Community of Practice is an online networking space. It allows friends of UMF to connect, exchange, facilitate, and support each other in deepening a social mindfulness practice that remains current with the times. It is important to highlight that this is an independent internal platform developed and run by the founders of UMF. As such, you can be confident that your data is not accessible or connected to any other services or providers on the internet.   

To support online community engagement, we have established guidelines to help members navigate the platform and control email traffic. Please let us know of any improvements or suggestions to make the platform better. We aim to provide a safe and manageable space for members to engage.

To help with this, we ask all members to be mindful of adhering to the following:

To use this platform, you must be at least 18 years old and interested in the intersection of mindfulness, social justice, and EDI. Additionally, you must be committed to making compassionate contributions and sharing updates on your profile, including a photo for safety reasons. It’s important to remain polite, well-mannered, and considerate in your communications.

You’re welcome to start discussions that relate to the intersection of mindfulness, social justice, and EDI. This includes topics on racism, discrimination, oppression, spirituality, religious traditions, and ideas that relate to widening the teaching and practice of mindfulness, social justice, and EDI. You can also share your events if they are directly linked to mindfulness, social justice, EDI and the health, and wellbeing of marginalized, underserved, and disadvantaged communities.

If you meet the criteria of any special interest groups, you’re welcome to join them. In using the UMF platform you also agree not to share or post any retail products of any kind in the discussions or posts.

General guidelines.

The UMF online community groups and forums are designed for members to engage in mindful discussions that involve intentional sharing, and aim to push our collective learning forward while promoting a healthy community. We encourage you to listen deeply and empathetically to both what you share and what others share. The platform is available to help us move the practice of mindfulness in a social context forward, and we invite you to take part in that context.

If you are unsure about sharing something, please feel free to check with the group organizers before posting. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards trolling, and any posts that fail to meet these guidelines will be removed. All posts must align with the values of integrity, care, decency, honesty, inclusion, compassion, community, diversity, equality, equity, innovation, respect for traditions, embracing complexity and critical thinking.

We also encourage you to share your life experiences and stories related to the themes of this website. Your knowledge and wisdom might offer the understanding and insight others need. However, it is important that what is shared on the platform remains confidential and is not shared outside of this community without prior consent.

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The Urban Mindfulness Foundations Membership Pledge:
    • Have or intend to have a daily Mindfulness practice.
    • Embody Mindfulness and Compassion as core values in your life.
    • Be kind and respectful to all other members of the Membership.
    • Have the intention to attend online and or face-to-face events offered by the UMF
    • Be committed to JEDI work within the mindfulness field and wider society
    • Be committed to building a JEDI mindfulness community that extends across intersections to stimulate collective social change for the benefit of all beings and planet