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The Urban Mindfulness Foundation CIC

Where we embrace our differences and connect with our common humanity

As a member, you will be able to:
    • Access the Main Online Urban Mindfulness Community of Practice Group and Forum
    • Access online guided meditations
    • Access mindfulness tips, quizzes and articles to keep our practice deepening
    • Access intersectional discussion groups rooted in solidarity building.
    • Access to our periodic newsletters
The Urban Mindfulness Foundations Membership Pledge:

On joining the Urban Mindfulness Foundation Membership, you agree to the following:

    • Have or intend to have a daily Mindfulness practice.
    • Embody Mindfulness and Compassion as core values in your life.
    • Be kind and respectful to all other members of the Membership.
    • Have the intention to attend online and or face-to-face events offered by the UMF
    • Be committed to JEDI work within the mindfulness field and wider society
    • Be committed to building a JEDI mindfulness community that extends across intersections to stimulate collective social change for the benefit of all beings and planet