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The focus some attention on social, cultural and environmental change from the inside out.

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Dismantling Racism and Social Inequality Collectively (DRASIC)

A project funded by the Emergence Foundation to deliver Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training to Black and Brown People of Colour interested in working towards professionally dismantling racism and social inequality collectively

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Best Black Mindfulness Teachers in the UK – Offering Mindfulness for people of colour and all colours

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation - Receiving backing from the Mayor of London

The Mayor of London and his Team showed great belief in us by pledging £40K to a collaborative crowd funding campaign that included delivery of our culturally relevant mindfulness programmes.

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Mindfulness Meditations for people of colour, the LGBTQ community, and all those who experience marginalisation

Monthly Community Online Mindfulness Based Inclusion Sessions

Join our monthly community online mindfulness based inclusion sessions where we aim to provide a space to meditate within a community of practitioners interested in social work, cohesion, equality, equity, diversity and inclusion.

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We are in a moment of transformation – Unity, Equality, Inclusion, Diversity bringing us all together!

An Emerging Multicultural Mindfulness Community Interest Company

Through the provision of bespoke mindfulness trainings and workshops that address the needs of different groups, we always aim to come together in solidarity that goes beyond the identities we perceive to separate us.

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Welcome to the Urban Mindfulness Foundation CIC

Mindful Communities of Practice Website

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation (UMF) provide structured Educational Mindfulness Trainings focused on cultivating Justice, Equity, Equality Diversity and Inclusion for a more balanced society that we call:

JEDI Work!

In this work of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, The Urban Mindfulness Foundation delivers mindfulness trainings and drop in sessions grounded in the alleviation of identity based harm and social and environmental injustice. This is achieved by blending mindfulness, compassion, insight and wisdoms traditions from African, Caribbean, Eastern, Indigenous, Global South and Western Educational Culture that offers a unique means of addressing inequality collectively.

Our Social Mindfulness Programmes combine a unique blend of history, culture, contemporary psychology, world philosophy, theory and practices from meditative traditions that broadens our perspectives, understanding and connection.

By introducing the foundations of mindfulness, compassion and insight practice alongside educational learning, we support mindfulness practitioners to develop the wisdom of inclusion, non violent communication and relational skills that disrupt systemic oppressions for the benefit of all life.

Having created, delivered and researched our very own Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training Program called (MBIT) or MyBIT, we understand how to safely introduce the subjects of equity, equality, diversity and inclusion into mindfulness practice in a way that facilitates prosocial change in key social contexts such as the Educational System, Health Care and Criminal Justice and the Workplace.

A welcome from Dean and Aesha Francis

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Drastic times require DRASIC measures

Mindfulness Training and Social Enterprise Programme for

Black and People of Colour


4 x Online training courses running throughout 2022

9 x Online sessions plus a follow up session

Cohort 1  April – July 2022 – UNDERWAY

Cohort 2 April -July 2022 – UNDERWAY

Cohort 3 – Sept – Dec 2022 – RECRUITING

Cohort 3 – Sept – Dec 2022 – RECRUITING

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Multicultural Mindfulness Community of Practice Gatherings for everyone

Monthly Mindfulness Solidarity Gatherings

2022 Time/Dates: TBC

All Sessions are offered on a donation basis.

Please make a donation of your choice using links at the bottom of the home page

If you are unable to make a donation due to financial constraints please email us: unity@urbanmindfulnessfoundation.co.uk for access

Black and People of Colour Affinity Group Gatherings

2022 Time/Dates: TBC 

All Sessions are offered on a donation basis.

Please make a donation of your choice using links at the bottom of the home page

If you are unable to make a donation due to financial constraints please email us for access: unity@urbanmindfulnessfoundation.co.uk 


Mindful News

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation mentioned by the Mindfulness & Social Change Network article in

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For more info on the mindfulness and social change network visit:   https://mindfulnessandsocialchange.org/

Covid-19 Mindful Resources

Important Articles practitioners must grapple with

Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training known as MBIT or MyBIT

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation have developed the first Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training programme that we know of in the UK.

The MBIT programme is designed to enrich our relationships and sense of connection through deepening our social and cultural understanding.

The MBIT training programme is a unique blend of educational based mindfulness training designed for beginners, experienced mindfulness teachers, practitioners and Organisations serious about addressing the equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion gaps in society and the field.

The MBIT programme draws on both traditional and somantic techniques of learning and experiencing that shifts the historical trauma’s of identity based harm in a way that invites change through cultural intelligence.

By inviting the subjects of equality, diversity and inclusion into our contemplation’s and reflections, we invite new and embodied insights to emerge into our social and cultural conditioning that can distort the way we see ourselves and each other. Ultimately, MBIT is about developing wise discernment, critical thinking and the maturation of compassionate and courageous beings willing to act from this embodied awareness.

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The Mayor of London pledged £40,000 to our project

UK Leading Back Mindfulness Teachers Dean Francis and Aesha Francis of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation in collaboration with others raised £60K to deliver an exciting innovative project that included FREE Mindfulness Courses to schools in Newham to make Mindfulness more inclusive and accessible. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to reach the crowd funding final target so no funds were released this time round. Nonetheless, we are delighted that the The Mayor of London and his team expressed such belief in our project by pledging £40,000 towards the campaign that itself was a real achievement and thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.

All our drop in sessions to the public are offered on a donation basis

Please donate what you can, whenever you can!

Or use Paypal to Donate via link below

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The Urban Mindfulness Foundation is passionate about the wellbeing of everyone in our community, but to have an impact, we really need your help!

Naturally there are significant costs that come with providing our services which are unique. We are creating spaces where people can come and not feel like they are a minority. We then bring groups together in a space of mutual respect and solidarity in finding non adversarial ways of ending environmental, racial and other social justices.

So please help us to keep our service accessible and free to those who are unable to afford mindfulness or self development training elsewhere, or who might feel more comfortable practicing in a space that is fundamentally about multicultural community building and solidarity.

Every and any donation you make is vital to us!

So if your able, please make even a small donation, as it will go a long way to keeping this amazing service free and available for the most disadvantaged in our society.

Guided donations for drop in sessions are £3 to 5 per session.

Drop in sessions run in 6 week blocks so the suggested donation for the block is £18 to £30.

However, if you cant afford this amount, please don’t worry, simply donate whatever you can, whenever you can, and if you are able to donate more for a session, then please do!

For anyone unable to make a donation due to financial constraints, please don’t worry. We have your back, simply drop us an email and we will send you a link or coupon for access whenever possible.