Welcome to the Urban Mindfulness Foundation

Online Alternate Monday and Tuesday Evening Drop In Sessions - BPOCC and Multicultural Mindfulness gatherings: Start date: 1st and 2nd March 2021, 7pm-8.30pm.

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The Urban Mindfulness Foundation C.I.C

Alleviating identity based harm through collaborative affinity group and unity work where we can embrace our differences and connect through our common humanity.

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Mindfulness Based Cultural Awareness and Intelligence Training workshops 2021 - coming soon

Master classes from specialists in the field of Social Mindfulness Practice that cover topics of Social and Systemic Inequalities like Race, Gender, Class, Faith/Religion, Sexuality, Age, Ableism and the Environment.!

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Best Black Mindfulness Teachers in the UK – Offering Mindfulness for people of colour and all colours

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation Meet the Mayor and his team

The Mayor of London and his Team showed great belief in us. Thanks all!

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Mindfulness Meditations for people of colour, the LGBTQ community, and all those who experience marginalisation

Mindfulness Inclusion Drop in Sessions - Join us online

Multicultural gatherings - Alternate Mondays 7pm-8.30pm
BPOCC gatherings - Alternate Tuesdays 7pm-8.30pm

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We are in a moment of transformation – Unity, Equality, Inclusion, Diversity bringing us all together!

The Multicultural Mindfulness Community Interest Company

Focused on addressing all forms of identity based harm through provision of bespoke mindfulness trainings and workshops for people of colour, whiteness groups, LGBTQi+, class, age, women and men to facilitate the healing required to facilitate change for generations to come.

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Dismantling Racism and Social Inequality Collectively (DRASIC)

A project funded by the Emergence Foundation to deliver Mindfulness Based Anti-oppression training to the UK BIPOC community.

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Welcome to the Urban Mindfulness Foundation

Community Interest Company

Providing structured Mindfulness Training and regular drop in sessions focused on multicultural community building.

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation delivers mindfulness training and drop in sessions focused on racial emancipation work, social and environmental justice and alleviation of all forms of identity based harm using mindfulness, compassion, insight and wisdom development that leads to personal and collective liberation and healing.

Mindfulness for Social Healing, based on the four foundations of mindfulness and African Ubuntu Philosophy

Our mindfulness trainings introduce the foundations of mindfulness, compassion and insight practice required to develop the wisdom of inclusion and non violent communication that facilitates deep relational skills in a safe, professional and relatable way.

We also offer our very own Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training Program called (MBIT) or MyBIT. MBIT is a socially focused mindfulness training program that introduces the subjects of diversity, equity and inclusion into our mindfulness practice and subsequent embodied lives in a way that facilitates prosocial change and racial emancipation.

Multicultural Mindfulness Community Practice, Conversation and Unity Gatherings

Alternate Monday Evenings Starting 1st March 2021 

Time: 7.00pm-8.30pm

All Sessions are offered on a donation basis.

Please make a donation of your choice for each session here

If you are unable to make a donation due to financial constraints please email us: unity@urbanmindfulnessfoundation.co.uk for access

People of Colour Mindfulness Emancipation Gatherings

Alternate Tuesday Evenings Starting 2nd March 2021 

Time: 7.00pm-8.30pm

All Sessions are offered on a donation basis.

Please make a donation of your choice for each session here

If you are unable to make a donation due to financial constraints please email us: unity@urbanmindfulnessfoundation.co.uk for access

Covid-19 Mindful Resources:

> Mindfulness for Staying at Home & After

> Clear Mind International – Living Resource

> Free mindfulness resources during shut down 

Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training


The Urban Mindfulness Foundation have developed the first Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training programme that we know of in the UK.

The MBIT programme is designed to deepen relational practice through social and cultural exploration.

The MBIT training programme is a unique training designed for experienced mindfulness teachers and practitioners who wish to explore a socially focused form of embodied mindfulness education journey that utilises the subjects of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to awaken to our full and boundless interconnected potential

The MBIT programme is also suitable for Organisations serious about diversity, bias and inclusion training. Whilst distinctly different from these trainings, the MBIT programme draws on somantic techniques of learning and experience that shifts the historical trauma’s of identity based harm in a way that invites change through cultural intelligence.     

By inviting the subjects of equality, diversity and inclusion into our contemplation’s and reflections, we invite new and embodied insights to emerge into our social and cultural conditioning that can distort the way we see ourselves and each other. Ultimately, MBIT is about developing wise discernment, critical thinking and the maturation of compassionate and courageous beings willing to act from embodied awareness.

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The Mayor of London pledged £40,000 to our project

UK Leading Back Mindfulness Teachers Dean Francis and Aesha Francis of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation (UMF) and partners raised £60K to deliver an exciting innovative project that included offering FREE Mindfulness Courses to schools in Newham with the aim to make Mindfulness accessible and relatable at the grass roots of our community in a way that meets Newham’s diverse needs. Unfortunately, we did not manage to reach our final target. However, will be taking another bite at the cherry next year using all that we have learnt this time round.

We are delighted that the The Mayor of London demonstrated his belief in this project by pledging £40,000 towards the campaign and we send him and his team a massive thank you for all of the support.

Mindful News

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation are committed to mindfulness and social change or progress! As such we are pleased to have been mentioned by the Mindfulness & Social Change Network in a critical article on Independent Global Media Platform Open Democracy regarding Mindfulness and Social Change.

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For more info on the mindfulness and social change network visit:   https://mindfulnessandsocialchange.org/

Other important and interesting articles and material on mindfulness and social change:

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The Myth of McMindfulness.

Moving mindfulness from ‘me’ to ‘we’

Other important and fascinating links, articles, videos and reading materials are available under membership pages.

All our drop in sessions to the public are offered on a donation basis.

Please donate what you can, whenever you can!

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The Urban Mindfulness Foundation is passionate about the wellbeing of everyone in our community, but to have an impact, we really need your help!

Naturally there are significant costs that come with providing our services which are unique. We are creating spaces where people can come and not feel like they are a minority. We then bring groups together in a space of mutual respect and solidarity in finding non adversarial ways of ending environmental, racial and other social justices.

So please help us to keep our service accessible and free to those who are unable to afford mindfulness or self development training elsewhere, or who might feel more comfortable practicing in a space that is fundamentally about multicultural community building and solidarity. 

Every and any donation you make is vital to us!

So if your able, please make even a small donation, as it will go a long way to keeping this amazing service free and available for the most disadvantaged in our society.

Guided donations for drop in sessions are £3 to 5 per session.

Drop in sessions run in 6 week blocks so the suggested donation for the block is £18 to £30.

However, if you cant afford this amount, please don’t worry, simply donate whatever you can, whenever you can, and if you are able to donate more for a session, then please do!

For anyone unable to make a donation due to financial constraints, please don’t worry. We have your back here, simply drop us an email and we will send you the drop in session link.

Thank you all for your support!