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Wow, and well done for the act of kindness to yourself in taking the time to be here. I am always so jealous of those just starting out on the path because I know what transformations lay ahead for them.

We Urban Mindfulness people are an eclectic lot embodying real diversity. The group has an open and welcoming feel that so many first-time visitors comment on. And as the name suggests the focus is on mindfulness for the vibrant urban world that London is. So yes – an oasis from the storm, but really in part only in order to rest to get back out there.

Profound  obeisances  to the facilitators who must lead a hectic real-world lives but turn up at each session with a generous spirit, a mediation practice and a  mindful movement which is always just what you needed.  Watch out though because before you know it you will be encouraged to take an active role when you thought you had once again only come to listen; true to urban living.

Marc, regular attendee to the Urban Mindfulness Foundation Saturday drop in sessions

“The eight week course facilitated by Dean, Aesha and Mauricio was a fantastic opportunity to learn and share ides with a wonderful, diverse group across a range of mindfulness related practices, topics and ideas.

These included the under current, self compassion, settling the mind, mindful movement, meditation, acceptance, sharing quotes and regular enquiry.”

Jo, regular attendee and Urban Mindfulness Foundation volunteer

“Dear Aesha and Dean, Thank you for all you have shared with us over the past year. You have made a difference to our lives! It is wonderful to have this local community of learning together to live mindfully. Warmest wishes for your continuing excellence as trainers and friends. Love from Susanna”.

Susanna, regular attendee and Urban Mindfulness Foundation volunteer.

“Mindfulness has helped me to connect with myself in a very unique way. It allows me to really appreciate myself and helps me to feel what is most important; the present moment. Without now we have nothing! I can only offer the suggestion of inviting you to come along and try it for yourself. All you need is your beginners mind!

There is something very special about the group. It is a space full of warmth and acceptance. Aesha and Dean facilitated a morning workshop at my workplace in May 2016. It was a complete success; at least half my colleagues had no experience of Mindfulness but they came with a curiosity and open mind and left with a warm curiosity to want to try mindfulness again. The Urban Mindfulness Foundation are now about to run two 8 week programmes for our service users”

Kieran, Regular attendee and Urban Mindfulness Foundation Volunteer.

“It is such a simple idea – to live in the moment – and logically it would seem impossible to live any other way but we all do, wasting so much energy worrying about the future or obsessing about the past; both of which are pointless. All we have is now, let’s not waste it.

Although easy to say, staying in the moment is often challenging but I have found that attending the group gives me some structure to my mindfulness practice. Sitting together to practice is a totally different experience to practicing alone.

For me the sense of being able to take a step back from the constant chatter in my head has been a very special gift and I would like to thank Dean, Aesha and Mauricio for their skills in running such a warm and supportive group. Xxx

Claire, Regular attendee and Urban Mindfulness Foundation Volunteer.