Mindfulness Connections for the BAPOC community

We are pleased to bring together organisations who offer mindfulness informed trainings designed to collectively help deepen practice and embrace the African, Caribbean, Asian and Indigenous populations of the global majoriity at the grassroots level.

From Surviving to Thriving (FS2T) is a community-centred initiative working to engage, educate and empower Black, People of Colour and other disadvantaged communities to transform their lives through developing their mental wellbeing. We are fortunate to be friends with Dr Carlis of FS2T who offers such important work around mental wealth.

Dr Erica McInnis is Director and Principal Clinical Psychologist with Nubia Wellness and Healing. Dr McInnis has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has over 20 years experience as a qualified Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the United Kingdom for the National Health Service (NHS).

Nubia Wellness and Healing specialises in African Centred approaches (Black Psychology) to improving emotional well-being.

Hakim is an educator, radio host, mindfulness mentor & facilitator. He is a qualified teacher, Mindfulness Mentor and facilitator of MiSp .B and Youth Mindfulness. Hakim is also a parent and child Mindful Emotion Coach and a Special Educational Needs coordinator serving for more than twenty-five years’ as a teacher and education manager in public, voluntary and private educational settings.

Following attendance last year on the MBIT training programme by the current and newly appointed Director of MNPC Rev Malika , Imani Sorhaindo, Hycinth Taylor and Wiliam Fley. We are pleased to continue to explore and offer support to MNPC and create opportunities for UK marginalised populations to enter into the field of mindfulness.

Wider UK Mindfulness Community Links and Friends

BAMBA is the UK’s primary professional body of mindfulness practitioners, teachers and teacher training organisations. Their mission is to promote safe, ethical and inclusive practices in the field of evidence-based secular mindfulness teaching in the UK and we are pleased to say that our co-founder Dean Francis is a Trustee and EDI lead at BAMBA to help support BAMBA in widening access to practice.

The Mindfulness Association is a welcoming organisation offering information about mindfulness and a wide range of mindfulness training courses that support people in practising mindfulness, compassion and insight. Both co-founders of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation completed much of thier training with the Mindfulness Association. This led them to offer EDI consultancy and deliver a range of CPD workshops to the community. 

SMC aims to improve the wellbeing and mental health of all people who can benefit from mindfulness. They do this by running mindfulness and compassion programmes, training teachers, and conducting research and leading mindfulness in IAPT. We are pleased to confirm that Dean Francis an appointed member of Sussex Mindfulness Centre and enlisted on as their Mindfulness Based EDI and Human Rights Manager.

This amazing global community is focused on exploring the potential for secular mindfulness training and practice to contribute to more sustainable, caring and socially just societies. We are pleased to have been working with and supporting the MSCN over some years now delivering fire side chats and discussion events. We truly believe that our work is a small example of the potential that the network was set up to explore.

Pauline Gibbs, Ruth Ormstrong and Richard 

Jane Kellock and Pears McCusker

Charlotte Proctor and Neil Rothwell

Chris Cullen