Mindful consultancy and Diversity Coaching

What do we mean by mindful consultancy and diversity coaching?

The Founders of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation have been offering environmental consultancy for 23 years and learning the craft of EDI Consultancy for 13 years. This has included the completion of two master’s degrees in mindfulness studies that focused on dismantling racism and social inequality collectively.

Through development of this real world working and study experiences of EDI and consultany services, we have developed the knowledge, understanding and practice of bringing mindful attention to social justice in a unique and effective way. We call this type of work mindful consultancy because it is held in a framework of mindfulness-based practice that is rooted in compassionate actions targeted towards  personal and collective tranformation and wellbeing.

From this real world work experience of mindful consultancy and EDI coaching to various mindfulness organisations including those connected and formed within and by the NHS. 

We continue to develop a deep understanding of both the challenges faced as well and the sensitivities, resillience, compassionate action and benefits of introducing EDI coaching and what we call JED based mindful consultancy effectively. 

What do we mean by Diversity Coaching

We don’t believe in simply drafting or redrafting old EDI policies, EDI strategies and or EDI action plans without taking care to bring the hearts and minds of those who will be implementing such policies together with the policy or strategy itself. 

Neither do we believe in implementing EDI policies, EDI strategies or EDI action plans that are not fully informed by those who will be directly impacted and or those who will be the beneficiaries of such policies, strategies or action plans.

This means we take a ‘both and’ approach to diversity coaching work that nurtures EDI solidarity, utilising a top-down and bottom-up approach that brings together a collaborative vision for collective flourishing embodied through contemplative practice and dialogue.

Below is a summary of our Mindful Consultancy and Diversity Coaching Services.

  • Diversity and Inclusion training – covering a range of topics delivered mindfully
  • Personal and leadership development training rooted in mindfulness
  • PSHE/Inclusion support in schools/colleges/university
  • Inclusive  Mindfulness Teacher Training
  • EDI Policy, strategy and action plan contemplative reviews
  • EDI Policy and strategy development services
  • Mindfulness-based Diversity and Inclusion seminars, guest speakers and facilitator services
  • EDI Coaching, mentoring and supervision
  • E-learning, video briefings and events

Whilst there is some healthy variance, there is extensive research conducted by thousands of companies interested in understanding the correlation between improved performance and an organisation’s diversity that shows the overwhelming findings to reveal positive outcomes, with both direct and indirect business benefits achieved that extend beyond the boundaries of the business.

What other Mindful Consultancy services do we offer?

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation provides mindfulness-based diversity and inclusion training and specialist environmental consultancy services that cover the legal obligations around environmental risk management and water hygiene management linked explicitly to preventing and controlling Legionnaires’ disease.

The founders of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation have run their own environmental consultancy business for 17 years, having worked in the field for over 25 years. As such, we have access to significant industry expertise that they now wish to direct towards providing legionella risk assessment, legionella risk management, water monitoring, testing, and sampling services to UK mindfulness retreat centres and centres of contemplation, religion, spiritual practice, or eco and environmental sustainability and practice that makes compliance easy.

We consider this a unique offering of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation and a potential income stream that keeps our work sustainable at a grassroots and voluntary level. For more information on the environmental services connected to the Urban Mindfulness Foundation founders, please visit:


All profits from our EDI consultancy work is directed towards ensuring the ongoing provision of Free context specific and culturally aware mindfulness trainings for those from disadvantaged, underserved and marginalised communities who would not normally be able to access mindfulness trainings due to relatability or costs.