Thank you for considering making a donation to the Urban Mindfulness Foundation

Please donate what you can, whenever you can!

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The Urban Mindfulness Foundation is passionate about the wellbeing of everyone in our community but to have an impact we really need your help!

Naturally there are significant costs that come with providing our service so please help us to keep it accessible and free to those who are unable to afford mindfulness or self development training.

Every and any donation really is vital for us!

If you can, please make even a small donation, it will go a long way to keeping this amazing service free and available for the most disadvantaged.

Guided donations for drop in sessions are suggested at £3 to £5 per session. 

Drop in sessions run in 6 week blocks so the suggested donation for the block is £18 to £30.

However, if you cant afford this amount, don’t worry, simply donate whatever you can whenever you can and if you are able to offer more for a sessions then please do. Every donation makes a difference.

If you are unable to make any donation at all due to financial constraints, please don’t worry. We have your back, simply drop us an email and we will send you the drop in session link.  

Thank you for your support