Mindfulness Supervision and EDI Coaching

Mindfulness-based supervision is a key element of becoming a mindfulness-based teacher operating in line with the BAMBA Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-based Courses listed on their website.

Mindfulness-based Supervision delivered by the Urban Mindfulness Foundation provides you with a unique and invaluable opportunity to reflect upon and inquire about your mindfulness teaching and practice in relation to social justice, equality, equity, diversity and inclusion with experienced mindfulness teachers working in the field and subject area.

A key element of our mindfulness supervision is that everything that happens within the supervision process is held within a container of mindfulness that facilitates deep enquiry and insights into the processes and experiences of the supervisee as a mindfulness teacher.

Mindfulness supervision from the Urban Mindfulness Foundation focuses not only on your teaching work and skills from an inclusion perspective but also on your personal mindfulness practice and how it impacts or influences everyday life and your work.

Our mindfulness supervision sessions may include live, on-the-spot teaching practice and feedback, inquiry around issues arising in your teaching, discussions based on recorded sessions, discussions about your personal practice and/or some periods of collective practice for resourcing. However, what we cover is guided by the needs of the supervisee.

Our mindfulness supervision is also designed to create an alliance between you and your supervisor around the topic of mindfulness teaching from an inclusive anti-oppressive lens that fosters an open and creative exploration of your practice and how it interweaves with your teaching and mindfulness offerings.

An aim of this culturally appropriate supervision, as offered by the Urban Mindfulness Foundation, includes the development of the skills to engage in an embodied presence and compassionate dialogue around all aspects of teaching and practising mindfulness inclusively. Sessions might also include trying out new or old teaching practices and gaining feedback on innovations to gain confidence and support in becoming your authentic teacher and practitioner able to widen your connection and reliability to diverse audiences.

Whilst we dont claim to be experts, if anyone is looking for mindfulness supervisors who are rooted in the work of equality, equity, diversity and inclusion and operating at the leading edge of secular mindfulness practice. 

You are in the right and possibly best place for understanding how to develop your practice with more cultural relevance, competence and relatability.

Likewise, if your mindfulness work connects with healing trauma, or any form of identity based harm, we might also be a great match for you.

However, if you are looking for a Guru or Teacher to simply offer instructions, we are unlikely to be helpful in this regard.

How do we describe the supervision process?

We hope the process feels organic, informal, non-hierarchical, transgressive and anti-oppressive. We also hope the supervision process provides an opportunity for both supervisor and supervisee to build a mindful and compassionate co-created connection through shared exploration of what feels relevant to the supervisee as a mindfulness teacher.

Ideally, the process will offer the supervise a sense of confidence through encouragement, support, and gentle guidance. The process should also mean the supervisee feels comfortable bringing any challenging aspects of mindfulness teaching into discussion and how it impacts the lived experience so we can together explore how to navigate the challenges in service of ourselves and others.

The supervision space might also emerge into a connection whereby the supervisee feels that they can check their assumptions, expectations and goals to obtain honest critical feedback in the context of mindfulness teaching and delivery grounded in trust and confidentiality.

Ultimately, supervision should be an enjoyable process and aspect of your mindfulness teaching pathway and journey that is fun, nourishing and resourcing to our collective endeavours to share mindfulness in a way that is most impactful, rewarding and supportive of ourselves and others.

Indicative Cost for mindfulness supervision focused on JEDI work:
  • One to one Supervision session start from £50 per hour
  • Group Supervision sessions costs starting from £20 per person, per session depending on requirements – please contact us to discuss your group supervision needs and requirements.