What is Supervision?

We offer Mindfulness-based supervision as it is a key and required component of a mindfulness-based teachers training pathway and ongoing practice in line with the BAMBA Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-based Courses.

Dean and Aesha who are our supervisors meet The British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA) Good Practice Guidelines for Supervisors considered necessary to support mindfulness-based teachers in the delivery of their work with the highest levels of integrity and authenticity.

The supervision process also provides important opportunities to reflect on and inquire into your mindfulness teaching and practice with another experienced mindfulness teacher.

Everything that happens within supervision is conducted under strict confidentiality and held in a container of mindfulness that invites a process of facilitation, inquiry and guidance.

Whilst content of the sessions are directed by the supervisee, sessions may cover your teaching, personal mindfulness practice, and or how it impacts work or daily life.

The aims of supervision also include development of the skills to engage with an embodied presence and compassionate dialogue around all aspects of teaching and practicing mindfulness. Sessions might also include trying out new or old teaching practices and gaining feedback on innovations to gain confidence and support in becoming your own authentic teacher and practitioner as example.

One to one Supervision from either Dean or Aesha Francis

Dean Francis (He/ him/ Brother/ We)

Dean has committed experience in mindfulness practice, teaching and curriculum building with a particular passion for equality, equity, diversity and inclusion in the context of racialisation, especially as a black, cisgendered male of African-Caribbean descent living in UK.

Dean has also operated his own consultancy business for the past 15 years and works for the NHS as a Mindfulness Based EDI and human rights consultant.

Dean has completed a Masters Degree in Mindfulness Studies with the University of Aberdeen and the Mindfulness Association that included the creation and research of a new mindfulness-based approach, called Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training or (MBIT) that is focused on deconstructing racism and social inequality in a collective and non-adversarial way.

With a researched understanding of social and cultural conditioning and the challenges faced by both the African-Caribbean Diaspora and mindfulness teachers. Dean is now focusing on innovations in the design, delivery, and practice of mindfulness that is sensitive to the lived experience of marginalised communities and those impacted by identity-based harm, racism, discrimination, and systemic oppression specifically.

Dean is a Trustee at BAMBA where he takes the role of EDI lead and is also a Mindfulness based EDI lead for an NHS Trust.

Outside the mindfulness world, Dean appreciates the blessings of being in partnership and adventure with life-long friend and wife Aesha and their two wonderful daughters and family pet.

As such Dean offers a great one to one supervision session for those grappling with mindfulness and EDI matters, diverse applications and cultural innovations.

Aesha Francis (She/ her/ Sister/ We)

Aesha is co-founder of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation and co-creator of Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training and is passionate about justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI). She has been teaching Mindfulness since 2015 and has facilitated many courses, retreats and workshops.

She has a postgraduate degree in Mindfulness having completed the Masters of Science studies in Mindfulness programme with the University of Aberdeen, where her final thesis and research focused on The Positionality of the Mindfulness Teacher, learning to walk the talk of Racial Inclusion.

Aesha is trained to teach Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) as undertaken with the Mindfulness Association. In addition to teaching adults, she has also trained with the Mindfulness in Schools Project to teach the .b Children’s  course.  This combination has provided a broader perspective of the practice and ways in which mindfulness can be explored, shared and communicated to embrace ways of living mindfully across different generations.

Aesha is of mixed African- Caribbean and South-Asian heritage and identifies as a BPOC, cis gendered female.  She is a mum of two daughters and is married to lifelong friend and partner Dean and is human mum to their furry family friend, Yardley.

Aesha’s professional background began in the design field following completion of an undergraduate degree in Fashion & Textiles Design where she specialised in surface decoration and the intersection of art and nature. Her extensive design background includes greetings cards and wrappings, publishing, visual arts, product and website design, branding and more.

For the past 15 years Aesha has enjoyed her role as an operations manager within an environmental consultancy in London.

As such Aesha offers a great one to one supervision session for those grappling with mindfulness and EDI matters, diverse applications and cultural innovations, particularly in the context of marketing, branding, web design and relatability

Why not get two supervisors for the price of one! Our unique joint supervision offer

Aesha and Dean are co-founders of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation, a socially motivated organisation established to widen access to mindfulness within multicultural communities in the most relatable and anti-oppressive of ways. Their lived experiences as People of Colour and journeys in mindfulness led to the development of the Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training programme (MBIT).

MBIT provides a healthy critique and experiential inquiry of what it is to be human and mindful in the 21st century.

Together we are also offering a unique double supervision service for those who wish to benefit from having two supervisors who offer more perspective.

This unique offering provides supervisees with two supervisors to offer support from multiple perspectives and positionalities to encourage and embrace diversity and inclusion when dealing with challenge.  This double offering invites a community of practice framework in supervision where experience and wisdom is shared collectively.

This particular offering works particularly well for those interested in a mindful approach to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion J.E.D.I.

What feels important to communicate at the beginning of this relationship?

For us, the process of supervision is about relationship building grounded in integrity, trust and friendship that supports mindfulness teachers working in the field of mindfulness provision. The process is offered in a framework of facilitation, inquiry, and guidance based on experiential learning as the supervisee requires or sees fit.

Whilst we are no experts, and have much to learn and explore ourselves, if anyone is looking for Supervisors who are passionately grounded in the work of equality, equity, diversity and inclusion and particularly in the context of race, gender, class or age. We would like to think that you are in the right place, and that we might be able to offer you a great fit for your supervision.

Likewise, if your mindfulness work connects with trauma, or any form of identity based harm, we might also be a great match.

However, if you are looking for a Guru or Teacher to simply offer instructions, we are unlikely to be helpful in this regard.

It is also important to confirm the need for clear boundaries of non-disclosure and confidentiality as part of our supervision sessions and any financial terms and agreements should be made prior to starting supervision.

How do we describe the supervision process?

We hope the process feels organic, informal, non-hierarchical, transgressive and anti-oppressive.  We would also hope the supervision provides an opportunity for supervisors and supervisees to build a mindful and compassionate co-created connection, sharing and exploration of what feels relevant to the supervisee as a mindfulness teacher.

Ideally, the process will offer the supervise a sense of confidence through encouragement, support, and gentle guidance. The process should also mean the supervisee feels comfortable bringing any challenging aspects of mindfulness teaching into discussion and how it impacts the lived experience so we can together explore how to navigate the challenges in service of ourselves and others.

The supervision space might also emerge into a connection whereby the supervisee feels that they can check their assumptions, expectations and goals to obtain honest critical feedback in the context of mindfulness teaching and delivery grounded in trust and confidentiality.

Ultimately, supervision should be an enjoyable process and aspect of your mindfulness teaching pathway and journey so if it’s not fun, nourishing and resourcing in our collective endeavours to share mindfulness in a way that is most impactful, rewarding and supportive of ourselves and others, we may suggest trying an alternative supervisor and you may suggest we gain further training. LOL!


One to one Supervision session costs £50 per hour

Two supervisors (Dean and Aesha) costs £65 per 1.5 hours

Group Supervision sessions costs £TBC – please contact us