The Urban Mindfulness Foundation currently offer a range of uniquely blended mindfulness training programmes to serve everyone living in the Urban Environment. No matter what your social, cultural, religious or economical background, the Urban Mindfulness Foundation aims to open up the availability of inclusive mindfulness training in a way that you can relate too. In a way that provides the tools needed to recognise the beauty of our diversity and also our common humanity so that our practice supports better communication, connectivity and compassionate integration.

Please be aware that all of our courses are educational. They are not intended to be a substitute for any health treatments you may currently be receiving.  If you are currently receiving treatment from a mental health professional, please consult with them about the suitability of undertaking mindfulness training before you reserve a place on one of our courses.

If you have recently or are currently undergoing a traumatic life event, please feel free to get in touch or attend one of our taster sessions where a Tutor will be happy to discuss the programme and any specific support that may be necessary.

Select a course from list below
* Mindfulness Retreat Days
* 8 Week Mindfulness Based Living Course
* Free Courses for in need Groups
* Mindfulness Gift Cards
* Mindfulness in Schools
* One to One Mindfulness Courses
* Mindfulness for Business