Mindfulness Courses General Invitations

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation currently offer a range of uniquely blended mindfulness training programmes to serve everyone living in the Urban Environment. No matter what your social, cultural, religious or economical background, the Urban Mindfulness Foundation aims to open up the availability of inclusive mindfulness training in a way that you can relate too.

With our foundational model of multicultural mindfulness practice, we will always maintain a space for all of us to come together in unity.  However, if you feel like you need to explore social aspects of mindfulness and identity based harm as part of an affinity group? We also support you in that work too.

Affinity Groups

With affinity groups established for those racialised as black and people of colour/ culture and those racialised as white, we offer safe spaces to practice, reflect, and learn what it is to be racialised as a group and then cultivate ways to heal from the historical and current trauma racialisation causes.

Through mindful dialogue and embodied somantic educational learning and cross group dialogue that is an integral part of the process, we develop the skills to collaborate more effectively and sustainably.

We will also establish Affinity Groups for LGBTQi and Gender exploration alongside specialist Class and Environmental justice workshops that offer vital perspectives of the bigger picture.

Importantly, all affinity groups and master class workshops are established to create safe spaces where particular social and culture needs can be met. Groups will also be challenged by cross cultural guest speakers and Q&A sessions to deepen learning focused around social and environmental justice.     

Affinity Group Pledge

Each affinity group is established with a clear pledge and intention to practice and explore ways of understanding, healing and resourcing themselves with the wisdom required to make cross group dialogue authentic, collaborative and deeply sustaining as the work that needs to be done towards lasting environmental and social justice. 

Disclaimer and general advice

Please be aware that all of our courses are educational. They are not intended to be a substitute for any health treatments you may currently be receiving.  If you are currently receiving treatment for a mental health issue or support from a mental health professional, please consult with them about the suitability of undertaking mindfulness training before you reserve a place on one of our courses.

Likewise, if you have recently or are currently undergoing a traumatic life event, it may not be the best time to undertake a mindfulness course. Please feel free to get in touch or attend one of our taster sessions where a Tutor will be happy to discuss the programmes we offer and any specific support that may be necessary.