Mindfulness Teachers Dedicated to Serving Urban Communities and promoting Cultural Intelligence

Having grown up in some of the poorest Inner City London Boroughs, there is a deep understanding of the particular difficulties that arise in social-economically deprived and under serviced city communities.

With this understanding and direct experience of how mindfulness training can help. A deep intention to spread the value of Mindfulness Training in a way that is relatable and representative of the diversity that is an integral part of the cities beauty has emerged!

This has motivated us to become London’s Urban Mindfulness Foundation, focused on developing Mindfulness Practitioners and Teachers focused on spreading Mindfulness practice to the widest possible urban audiences. The aim is to foster positive communication that promotes compassionate action leading to a sense of harmony across any social, cultural, economical, ethnic and or religious divide that results in enhanced cultural intelligence.

Our motto:

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation; Is a place where we embrace the city and our differences with love, kindness and compassion so we can connect through our common humanity!

Regardless of your background, we welcome you to our inclusive organisation.

A Diverse Group of Mindfulness Facilitators and Volunteers

The Founders of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation have known each other since the age of 11 and have been in partnership for over 24 years. Coming from culturally diverse and mixed heritage backgrounds, embracing difference and connecting through our common humanity has been vital to our relatively harmonious integration.

Uniquely, our team of Facilitators, Co Facilitators and Volunteers also comprise a wide variety of people from many different cultures, ethnicity’s, age groups, genders, religions and social sectors.

We feel our group clearly demonstrates the beauty of harmonious diversity and how it works to create beautifully true and deep friendships that cross all perceived divides.

This connection is cultivated through a commitment to achieving multicultural spaces for genuine collaborative work to take place but which is built upon informed affinity group explorations and cross group dialogue gatherings that uncover deeper embodied understanding for everyone.