The Urban Mindfulness Foundation Social Enterprise

Where we embrace our uniqueness and connect through our common humanity.

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Next Retreat Day 19th May 2018

Cultivating the Possibility of Transformation

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8 Week Mindfulness Course 21st April 2018

No Mud, No Lotus - Thich Nhat Hanh

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Drop in Sessions Saturday Mornings 10.30am-12pm

Mindful Friendships that Support us to go deeper

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Akong - A remarkable Life Film Screening Rio Cinema 17th June

Film Screening 17th June 2018 -
14.15pm Rio Cinema Hackney

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Welcome to the Urban Mindfulness Foundation MEMBERSHIP SITE

We are a not for profit Social Enterprise committed to providing FREE and affordable Mindfulness Training Courses that help embrace the challenges of Urban living.

We offer Mindfulness Training Courses in City locations that are suitable for Individuals, Families, Youth Groups, Schools, and Business. With every course designed to facilitate each person reaching their full potential. We aim to promote health, well being and connection through our common humanity.

We also provide one to one Mindfulness Training Courses suitable for those wanting to establish a mindfulness practice privately. These uniquely bespoke programmes are designed to promote individual health and well being, but also give individuals a competitive edge within their own professional context. Typically suited to Sports Persons, Elite Athletes, Performers, Artists, Actors, Community Leaders, Public Speakers, Business Leaders and Corporation’s. We work closely with you to realise your deepest intentions.

Our Founding Team of Mindfulness Practitioners have a depth of personal experience in Mindfulness Practice, Training and teaching. All trained to at least MSc Level, we follow the UK Network for Mindfulness Based-Teachers Good Practice Guidelines.

Together our Team are trained to deliver the Mindfulness Associations; Mindfulness Based Living Course and Compassion Based Living Course. We are also trained to deliver the Mindfulness In Schools Project dot b and Paws b courses for children. In addition, we have developed our own unique courses including; The Mindfulness Based Inclusivity Training Course. Focused on developing Cultural Intelligence, communication and interconnection across all social, cultural and economically diverse groups in the Urban Environment.

Underpinned by a weekly drop in class every Saturday morning. Our commitment to increase the availability of Mindfulness Training is the foundation of our existence.    

Drop in sessions are held on Saturdays between 10.30am to 12 noon. At The Red House, 13 Upton Avenue, Forest Gate, London, E7 9PN.

Our Moral Foundations

We offer Free Mindfulness Training Courses for groups who would not normally be able to afford it!  

Furthermore, all our courses are offered on a suggested donation basis and concessionary discount codes are offered to those who are unable to meet the suggested donation. If you require a concessionary discount code please email us at

Further still, In collaboration with the Mindfulness Association’s Everyone Project and the Hart Knowe Trust; we provide Free 8-week Mindfulness Based Living Courses to eligible Groups and Organisations with Service Users who would not normally be able to access mindfulness training due to financial constraints or other difficulties.

The Free mindfulness courses are funded by your donations and the Mindfulness Association and Hart Knowe Trust’s Everyone Project.

 If you have a Group of people or a Community Organisation who you think would benefit from Mindfulness Training, but would not normally be able to access it, Please download and complete the application form here, and then return it to us.

  The Everyone Project Free Courses are ideal for Charities, Youth Groups, Community Groups, Social Service Groups, Care Leaver Support Organisations, Mental Health Support Groups and Organisations, Criminal Justice, Reform and Rehabilitation Support Groups as well as many other Community Support Organisations and low income support organisations. 

Please See A Project that has Inspired our Cause.

If you have between 10 and 20 people who would benefit from Mindfulness Training, but would not normally be able to access it due to cost. Please get in touch or complete our Free Mindfulness Training Opportunities application form here!

Promoting Cultural Intelligence through Mindfulness Practice

Highlighted in the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group Report “Mindful Nation UK”.  The importance, application and delivery of Mindfulness Based Interventions in the context of socio-economically deprived and ethnically diverse urbanised demographic communities requires significant improvement.

Consequently, The Urban Mindfulness Foundation are focused on addressing the requirements highlighted in the Parliamentary Report to ensure Mindfulness Training can be delivered authentically to a more diverse audience that is representative of our Urban communities and encourages more people from this demographic to both practice and learn to teach Mindfulness across all cultural, religious, ethnic and socio-economical divides in a way that leads to greater cultural intelligence and harmonious inter-connectivity. If you would like to work with us please contact us on