The Urban Mindfulness Foundations View of Social Mindfulness –

Based on the four foundations of mindfulness and Ubuntu Philosophy at the centre. 

The urban mindfulness have developed the social mindfulness map that helps us to understand how mindfulness, compassion and insight, combined with African Ubuntu Philosophy can transform our inner and outer world views and wider society.

The following 3 models have been developed by Dean and Aesha Francis and are designed to help communicate the key aspects of the Urban Mindfulness Foundations Training and developmental pathway.

They also help us to deconstruct our experience in a way that we become clear about where we stand in the context of subjects like social and climate justice, whilst at the same time, becoming more aware of the limitations of perspective, in order to accept where others may be.

This awareness maintains a space for curiosity and learning to happen through the lived experience of self and others.

By learning to communicate and relay our experiences with an understanding of these models, things become much clearer and the result is less personal confusion, greater ease and greater opportunity for embodied transformation to occur.

We can also think of the three models as three layers of awareness or understanding that need to come together to create inner and outer wisdom, leading to meaningful action and social change rooted in integrity, honesty, decency and virtue. Built on the foundations of existing models within integral theory,  African spirituality and the four foundations of mindfulness. The MBIT journey is a truly liberating one.

Understanding Our Flexible Outer Layers – A Friend of ours described as the hard outer shell of an M&M!

Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training - Social Mindfulness Map - Outer more flexible elements of experience awareness

Inner and outer relational aspects of experience – biopsychosocial.

Understanding Our Outer Core Layer –  A Friend Described as the inner chocolate layer of an M&M

Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training - Social Mindfulness Map - Outer core less flexible elements of experience awareness

As we drop deeper into awareness and understand of our core beliefs about the how, what and why we believe whatever we do. We become more skilful at navigation our experience. Working at this level invites maturity and humility.

Understanding The Inner Core Layer – Think of the peanut in the middle of the M&M! 

Image showing the hidden reefs of expectations assumption and goals

Almost non detectable at times but totally influenced by the two models above. With practice we start to recognise our deepest conditioned expectations, assumption and goals that govern they way we go about our lives. This develops our critical thinking and momentary decision making processes that can bring wise discernment and meaningful ethical actions informed by an understanding of experience.

Sometimes called the hidden reefs, our deepest underlying expectations, assumptions and goals can totally shape our experience if left unchecked and allowed to solidify.

A simple example might be our expectations, assumptions or goals about how someone should behave that can lead to such disappointment, anger or rage that it manifests as hate disassociation or cognitive dissonance.

However, at the same time, its also important to note that these deeper layers of experience whilst risk completely trapping us. Also offer us some amazing insights into the infinite possibilities deep inside that unlease our true nature and fullest potential.

Bringing the models together.

If we are able to bring these models together we start to uncover an abundance of insight into both the benefits and limitations of perception and perspective that demonstrates through experience the value of open kind curiosity, multi perspectivity and creative possibility that can bring humility to humanity and limitless potential.

The Support for Social Mindfulness is Growing Fast

Please see the recent All Party, Parliamentary Group Report “Mindful Nation” published by the UK parliament in collaboration with the Mindfulness Initiative.