The Urban Mindfulness Foundations View of Social Mindfulness.


The Urban  Mindfulness Foundation are inspired my many organisations including the East Bay Meditation Centre and Vision Inc. As such we have adopted the the multicultural group agreements from these organisations. Here more about the nature and origins of the multicultural group work agreement that we follow:

To help explain how we come to understand social mindfulness, the Urban Mindfulness Foundation have devised social mindfulness maps that help us take a deep exploration into what we know, how we come to know and why it matters.

Whilst the journey can be a self exploration process, we explicitly invite our practice to have a diunital (or both and) perspective that facilitates social awareness of conditioning, intersectionality, cultural differences, and diverse wisdoms in the external world as a means of accessing an embodied understanding of equality, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Once we understand why we might want to start an inclusive mindfulness practice by completing an introduction course. We proceed to establishing a formal meditation and mindfulness practice used to help settle the mind in ways that allow us to observe our direct experience with honesty. Supported by compassion and insight practices the programme then aims to facilitate access to a greater awareness of impermanence and the always shifting nature of things and thus patience.

The power of humility

“Using humility, we invite acceptance of uncertainty that subsequently activates infinite possibility and potential that facilitates access to greater authentic agency grounded in integrity”

An important part of social mindfulness comprises an invitation to cultivate humility through insight into the limitations of our own perspectives. This is an important aspect of the training as it invites us to be more open to learning through difference as we become more comfortable with the realities of uncertainty  flow, rhythm, impermanence and multi perceptivity as we learn from others.

By using the energy of humility, we can then start to let go of some of the socially constructed conditioned certainties that divide us. Whilst simultaneously recognising the opposite to certainty as infinite possibility and potentiality that offers the courage to step towards a social freedom that also aids the innovation and creativity needed to find new solutions to the social, cultural and environmental catastrophes we face together.

Ultimately the process is about each of us reaching our full and collective prosocial potential and agency, through the practice of humble authenticity, that acknowledges the paradoxes and complexities in our choices that give us and others the permission to be who we are, whilst also knowing that perceived opposites, are in fact in the business of creating each other.

The Social Mindfulness Maps

The social mindfulness maps have been developed by Dean and Aesha Francis to share the complexity of the contemplations and reflections that may be invited on our socially focused MBIT programmes.

It is also important to say that whilst the maps offer a western philosophical framework for understanding the field of social mindfulness, we have also aligned each western philosophy with suggested African philosophical counter parts offered as part of the introductory MBIT training course necessary to ensure our programmes are culturally authentic, relevant and relatable to the African, Caribbean, indigenous and global south communities from the offset.

By learning to communicate and relay our experiences with an understanding of the social mindfulness maps and cultural conceptual frames of reference, things become clearer, less personal and easier to unpack. Bringing ease to our selves and each other in communication and relationship.

MAP 1 – Exploring flexible surface aspects of our daily lived experiences, awareness and attention.

MAP 2 Exploring some often hidden layers of social awareness.

MAP 3 – Exploring Some Core components of Socially constructed Biases

Aesha shares the work we have done to bring mindfulness to grass roots communities via the everyone project.

Dean Shares more about the social mindfulness maps we created to untangle from fixed perspectives

The Support for Socially focused Mindfulness is Growing.