One to One Mindfulness Sessions

Important Note! Proceeds from our one to one mindfulness sessions are redirected to our community based projects focused on delivering Free Mindfulness Courses to those who cannot normally afford it.

At the Urban Mindfulness Foundation we accept that for many reasons, not everybody feels comfortable developing a mindfulness practice in a large or public group setting.

Consequently, we provide one to one mindfulness training programmes for those who prefer a more private or confidential service. Our one to one sessions can either follow our 8 Week Mindfulness Based Living Course or they can be bespoke to your specific needs.

Sessions can typically last 2 to 2.5 hours and will include formal guided sitting practices, enquiry and a review of home practice and tailored exercises to your specific needs.

Suitable for performers, artists, actors, sports persons, business and community leaders for example, these courses offer the opportunity to develop focus, attention, resilience and stability that can enhance performance at the highest level.

Inspired by the Author of the Mindful Athlete, George Mumford who has worked with elite Athletes in the United States. The Urban Mindfulness Foundation intend to support anyone who wants to touch their “Divine Spark” and achieve there full potential.

To establish a suitable training programme for performance enhancement, It is recommended that you book an initial one to one Skype Session so we can discuss your intentions and motivations and develop an appropriate programme that may give you the edge.

Alternatively, if you would like to kick start your mindfulness training on a one to one basis under strict confidence without delay, simply select and purchase one of the programmes below. Please ensure you state your preferred start date on the registration form. Note, any preferred start date given is subject to change depending on availability. If you require a set date, please ensure you contact us to arrange/ confirm before making your purchase.

To book a one to one mindfulness session please select a programme from the links below where you can book and make payment. Remember proceeds of our one to one sessions and courses are directed to deliver courses free of charge to those in need.

One to one 8 Week Courses come with – 1 x FREE Mindfulness retreat day and FREE Weekly drop in Sessions throughout your course

One to one 8 Week Mindfulness Course – Via Skype

One to one 8 Week Mindfulness Course – Our Venue

One to one 8 Week Mindfulness Course – Your LONDON Venue

One to one Adhoc Mindfulness Sessions

One to one Adhoc Mindfulness Coaching Session – Via Skype

One to one Adhoc Mindfulness Coaching Session – Our Venue

One to one Adhoc Mindfulness Coaching Session – Your Venue

We look forward to practising with you.