Multicultural Mindfulness Courses

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation currently offer a range of uniquely blended mindfulness training programmes to serve everyone living in the Urban Environment. No matter what your social, cultural, religious or economical background, the Urban Mindfulness Foundation open up the availability of inclusive mindfulness training in a way that you can relate too.

With our foundational model of multicultural mindfulness practice, we provide a uniquely multicultural space to come together in unity and solidarity. As such our work is grounded in the development of multicultural spaces where deep learning can happen.

We talk about brave and courageous spaces that always safe, but occasionally uncomfortable as we do the work of relearning! 


Affinity Groups

We also feel it is appropriate and important to create spaces where groups are able to explore some of the social aspects of identity based harm mindfully as part of an affinity group? Mindfulness based affinity groups are important because they provide spaces where participants can process the lived experience of a particular identity label. Affinity groups are also about processing conditioned habits of mind and body that limit both our individual and collective potential. Ultimately affinity groups are about transgressing the negative aspects of identity, whilst at the same time embracing its beauty as a gift to wider society. Importantly, affinity groups from the Urban Mindfulness Foundations are about learning how to best share that gift if service of all beings, apposed to becoming insular, isolated or reified in ones own identity to the point it limits accessing our bigger selves.  

In response to this need, we have rebuilt our website to include an online training course provision, affinity groups and forum facility to provide for the means and platform for affinity groups to become established. Consequently, we are looking for practitioners with lived experience to step forward and manage, run or create an affinity group of need.

As such, if you have lived experience in any of the groups we have set up and are a mindfulness teacher, facilitator, educator or practitioner and would like to take ownership of a group, do get in touch to explore how we might be able to make it happen. Likewise if you have expertise in healthy mindful eating and diet, mindful walking, mindful story telling or something else and need a platform to promote your work and communicate with others. We have created this totally independent online social platform that doesn’t belong to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp or any of the other big social media platforms.

Our space is totally inhouse and comes together to offer a UK wide social platform that is BPOC lead and grounded in anti oppression pedagogy for all marginalised groups.       

If you are a mindfulness practitioner, teacher or facilitator able to lead an affinity group, please get in touch to explore collaboration opportunities!

Importantly, all affinity groups and master class workshops are established to create brave and courageous spaces that are safe. Nonetheless, its important to highlight that affinity groups need to be committed to the bigger cause of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation, which is to build communities that are committed to solidarity as a form of activism that is grounded in what we call bell hooks Love that spans across perceived and often superficial divides.         

Racial Affinity Group Pledge

Each affinity group is established with a clear pledge and intention to practice and explore ways of understanding, healing and resourcing themselves with the educational wisdom required to make cross group dialogue authentic, collaborative, sustaining and deeply transformative to social and environmental injustice.

Inspired by the the work of the EBMC, the Baltimore Brothers, Vision Inc and many others both in the UK and across the globe. We aim to create a space in the UK were people can really do the work that is needed to bring about transformative change. All members of the affinity group are also required to be a member of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation Main UMF community solidarity group.  

Here is a clip from Vision Inc detailing the common thread of agreements we are promoting in support of creating better Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion that benefits all of us. Importantly, whilst we might choose to avoid this important self development work. It feels clear that without it, the trauma of racialisations will continue to be passed on for generations to come, which feels like a harm too far whilst we are here, and have the agency to alleviate it!

Disclaimer and general advice

Please be aware that all of our courses are educational. They are not intended to be a substitute for any health treatments you may currently be receiving or therapy.  If you are currently receiving treatment for a mental health issue or support from a mental health professional, please consult with them about the suitability of undertaking mindfulness training before you reserve a place on one of our courses.

Likewise, if you have recently or are currently undergoing a traumatic life event, it may not be the best time to undertake a mindfulness course. Please feel free to get in touch or attend one of our taster sessions where someone will be happy to discuss the programmes we offer and any specific support that may be necessary.