To go with the Social Mindfulness Map included in the slides

This 8 min video gives a very brief but hopefully clear overview of the core assumptions, expectations and gaols that often influence how we are showing up.

The video is targeted towards research but we feel these underlying assumptions totally align with the hidden wreaths that Rob Nairn describes in diamond mind.
Introducing the Social Mindfulness Map we have developed – In cultural intelligence training the outer components can be thoughts of as our flex. The flexible parts we can most easily change in order to adapt.
Focusing in on the central part of the social mindfulness map we come to the deeper values and world views that shape our lives and how we show up in the world. Whilst we may feel we can keep these core parts of ourselves separate, MBIT invites discussion on whether they subtly inform what we do without us noticing.
MBIT invites us to consider whether it is these underlying values and guiding principles that create our deepest biases that Rob Nairn calls the hidden wreaths of assumptions, expectations and goals . Importantly, these hidden wreaths are not only problematic to our meditation practice. They also hinder us being with our lived experiences in a way that allows us to see relationship more clearly and manoeuvre towards connection rather than disconnection.