Examining Whiteness – Challenges of processing being white therapists in a racist society – Ep 19

16th Apr 2018

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In this podcast I’m in conversation with therapists Bea Millar and Suzanne Keys who sent out an invitation to other white therapists for a gathering entitled ‘Examining Whiteness, White Identity and Racism. They decided to offer this workshop because they realised that the unexamined thoughts and feelings about being white in a racist society creates obstacles to open and healing dialogues with people of colour and is slowing down the process of ending racism. They believe that white people need to take responsibility for working through these feelings with each other, in order to bring themselves more fully into relationship with people of colour and get on with the work of eliminating racism. We will be talking about their personal process in getting to the point of making this group a reality as well as the responses they received from others along the way.