Inspired by the Holistic Life Foundation in Baltimore USA.

Our Youth Mindfulness programme is designed to deliver Mindfulness to young people outside of School or formal educational settings.

We accept that some children feel disconnected when in a School setting. Therefore our mindfulness for youth groups programme is adapted from the material from the .b and Mindfulness Based Living Courses and combine to engage a wider audience outside of a classroom or educational setting.

Please watch the video that inspired us below:

We offer subsidised and Free Mindfulness Training programmes For Youth Groups and Supportive Young adult organisations such as those demonstrated in the video below:

“We believe that growing up without a good moral anchor creates a potentially loose cannon”

Children need a Moral Compass and a Moral Anchor

Children attending a positively organised youth club or group of some description will often benefit from a strong guiding compass.

Whether it’s an Athletics Club, Brownies, Scouts, Venture Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Dance, Singing, Drama or Religious group or class. Children often gain a sense of connectivity and togetherness that supports their development, balance and a sense of well being.

However, we believe that introducing mindfulness training programmes into all such  settings, enhance the whole experience of actually being part of something special and deeply supportive.

Mindfulness can develop a youngster’s individual awareness, attention, concentration, focus and resilience. It can also provide them with a strong moral anchor.

Our mindfulness training programme is specifically designed to help every child nurture self-compassion and compassion for others, concentration and focus.

Ultimately, by working with youth groups, we believe we can promote the well being of our Cities Urban Youth.

Working in partnership with your Youth Group we combine to provide both a good moral compass and good Moral Anchor!