Mindfulness Training for Business

Organisation such as London Transport, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Google and Virgin Atlantic to name a few offer mindfulness training programmes to Staff, Senior Management and Customers.

At the Urban Mindfulness Foundation, we can develop flexible corporate programmes comprising Taster Sessions, 8 Week Courses and Retreat days or residential retreats that reduce stress amongst the work force and promote productivity. Our aim is to work with your organisation to provide a programme that integrates with the needs of the company and individuals involved.

Each Mindfulness for Business programme can be tailored to build particular skills that target the organisations requirements. We can tailor our teaching to promote skills of attention, focus, innovation, creativity, resilience, inter-connectivity, and connection with our common humanity, nature in the urban environment and unity amongst staff.

Ultimately we aim to promote a sense of well being, better mental health and unity throughout your organisation.

Book a programme using the links below or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Please ensure you state your preferred start date on the registration form. Note, any preferred start date given is subject to change depending on availability. If you require a set date, please ensure you contact us to arrange/ confirm before making your purchase.

Mindfulness for Business – Taster Sessions and Work Shops

Mindfulness for Business – Half Day Retreats

Mindfulness for Business – Full Day Retreats

Mindfulness for Business – 8 Week Mindfulness Course