Mindfulness Training for Business

Organisation such as London Transport, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Google and Virgin Atlantic to name a few offer mindfulness training programmes to Staff, Senior Management and Customers.

At the Urban Mindfulness Foundation, we provide Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training programmes that nurture innovations in developing a diverse and inclusive workforce that works together to benefit everyone that is involved in the business. The aim of the MBIT for business programme is to cultivate a deep awareness of the valuable roles everyone plays in making the business work that results in a level of respect appreciation for all. It also aims to honour the unique abilities and contributions that each parson has to offer by providing a voice for those who might not normally get heard. Whether its the cleaning staff, Security or the Chief Executives, our aim is to provide the inclusive contemplative conditions for insights to arise into how best to create a unified and happy workforce that is listened too, valued and cared for.

We offer Taster Sessions, eight week courses, retreat days or residential retreats that provide staff with useful tools to help reduce personal stress and develop new and innovative working practices, cultures and systems that also address any systemic practices within the organisation that might be causing the stress in the first place. Our aim is to work with your organisation and its people to provide programmes that address the needs of both the individual and organisation so that the benefits are reciprocal and mutual.

Mindfulness for business requires a commitment from both the individuals working within the Organisation and the Organisation itself. The aims should be to create safe spaces that nurture both individual well being at work and sustainable working practices that facilitates this whilst also developing sustainable productivity that is underpinned with ethical humanitarian principles that benefits everyone involved including staff, customers, clients, the supply chain and planet.

To Book a programme please use the links below or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

It is important to highlight that as we are a Community Interest Company, all course proceed are directed to supporting us in delivering both Free and affordable programmes for the grass roots community of Newham in East London

Please ensure you state your preferred start date on the registration form. Note, any preferred start date given is subject to change depending on availability. If you require a set date, please ensure you contact us to arrange/ confirm before making your purchase.

Mindfulness for Business – Taster Sessions and Work Shops

Mindfulness for Business – Half Day Retreats

Mindfulness for Business – Full Day Retreats

Mindfulness for Business – 8 Week Mindfulness Course