Urban Mindfulness Volunteers

Mauricio – Facilitator

“Facilitating classes with the Urban Mindfulness Foundation is as much about sharing my mindfulness practice as it is about learning from others. Our weekly drop-in class and courses are filled with an energy of friendliness and acceptance which always brightens up my week. I am very grateful for being part of this growing group of well intentioned practitioners and also for the friendship that has developed between us.”


Jo – Volunteer

” I feel that I benefited so much from the structured course (although the drop in sessions are great too!), that I would love to act as a volunteer on the next course so that a wider audience can experience the powerful and profound sessions for themselves and so that I can share and deepen my understanding with new people.”


Claire – Volunteer

“For me mindfulness has had a profound effect on my life and now I wouldn’t be without it! It has enabled me to change the way I relate to myself and my experiences. I am happier, calmer and find it much easier to deal with stress as a result”




Susanna – Volunteer

” I was looking for a local group to share in building calm and wellbeing. I found just the right group thanks to the invitation of our facilitators, who guide us in meditations, movement and shared reflections. Mindfulness is a great way to start the weekend and encourgae regular practice. We meet in a beautiful venue, and the sessions are friendly and uplifting. Come and join us! “



Kieran – Volunteer

“Why do I volunteer?  For me it’s just more than giving something back.  I want to share my experiences whilst learning from others and connecting on  a very real level.  It has  been very exciting for me to see the group grow and develop.  Dean and Aesha have put in so much time, energy and love that I feel a natural desire to give.”