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Where we embrace our differences and connect with our common humanity

Overview of services

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation currently offer a range of uniquely blended mindfulness training programmes and services designed to enrich the multicultural communities in which it operates. The importance of practicing mindfulness in a group and community of practice framework cannot be emphasised enough. Consequently, all our services are delivered as a group, community or team intervention that allows for transformations to occur that only occur when there is a commitment to working together with others. Read more here….

All our services are offered within a mindfulness community of practice framework designed to create brave and courageous spaces of psychological safety, where accountability and responsibility can be addressed through the solidarity of collective action!

Free Mindfulness Services

Affinity Groups for racialised Black and People of Colour, the Global South and Global Majority community

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation feel it is important to create spaces where the needs of a particular group can be met, and where others in the group can relate to the necessity of meeting those particular needs. We also consider it to be important that entry points to practice are created where the facilitation and practice of mindfulness can be appropriately shaped to be relevant and relatable to the specific needs of a demographic context that is underserved, underrepresented or disadvantaged.

Affinity groups are also important because they provide spaces where participants can process the lived experience of a particular identity label without having to explain or justify their experience to those who may not understand or relate to that lived experience.

Racial affinity groups particularly are also considered an important part of the process of exploring what decolonising our conditioned habits of mind and body might mean individually and collectively. By unpacking the concerns and fears with others who have similar lived experiences, conditions are also created for new and trusted insight to emerge and be shared in ways that can be received appropriately.

If you are a mindfulness practitioner, teacher or facilitator able to lead an affinity group, please get in touch to explore collaboration opportunities!

Multicultural community of practice gatherings for everyone

The Urban Mindfulness Foundation will also continue to offer free multicultural community of practice gatherings where everyone is welcome to join in awareness of the collective challenges we face when dismantling racism and social inequality collectively. So if you are committed to JEDI work that is rooted in cross cultural learning, then our mulitcultural mindfulness practice sessions are just for you.

All profits from any of our services are directed towards ensuring the ongoing provision of Free context specific and culturally aware mindfulness trainings for those from disadvantaged, underserved and marginalised communities who would not normally be able to access mindfulness trainings due to relatability or costs.

General Services Disclaimer and Participation Advice

Please be aware that all of our courses and services are educational and not intended to be a substitute for any clinical health treatments or therapy that you may be receiving. If you are currently receiving treatment for a mental health issue or support from a mental health professional, please consult with them, your GP and support network about your suitability for undertaking a mindfulness training programme that is focused on alleviating identity based harms and racism specifically before you reserve a place on one of our courses.

If you intend to participate whilst recieving treatment for mental health issues, it is vital that you have an adequate support network around you and that someone from your support network is also able to participate in the course for your personal support. The Urban Mindfulness Foundation, accept no liability for health issues arising from our educational programmes so it is important that you discuss any concerns with our facilitators so that we can determine whether we have the skills to meet your particular needs.

Likewise, if you have recently or are currently undergoing a traumatic life event, it may not be the best time to undertake a mindfulness course so please discuss any concerns with the facilitors as soon as possible. Alternatively please ensure you attend one of our taster or drop in sessions where someone will be happy to discuss our programmes and services and you will be able to ask any specific support questions that may be necessary privately.