Our Mindfulness Connections for the BPOC community

From Surviving to Thriving – Dr Carlis Douglas

From Surviving to Thriving (FS2T) is a community-centred initiative working to engage, educate and empower Black, People of Colour and other disadvantaged communities to transform their lives through developing their mental wellbeing. We are fortunate to be friends with Dr Carlis of FS2T who offers such important work around mental wealth.

Nubia Wellness and Healing – Dr Erica Mcinnis

Dr Erica McInnis is Director and Principal Clinical Psychologist with Nubia Wellness and Healing. Dr McInnis has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has over 20 years experience as a qualified Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the United Kingdom for the National Health Service (NHS).

Nubia Wellness and Healing specialises in African Centred approaches (Black Psychology) to improving emotional well-being.

Hakim Taylor

Hakim is an educator, radio host, mindfulness mentor & facilitator. He is a qualified teacher, Mindfulness Mentor and facilitator of MiSp .B and Youth Mindfulness. Hakim is also a parent and child Mindful Emotion Coach and a Special Educational Needs coordinator serving for more than twenty-five years’ as a teacher and education manager in public, voluntary and private educational settings.

Mindfulness network for people of colour – MNPC

Both Dean and Aesha continue to explore ways to best support and collaborate with MNPC and trust that opportunities will emerge to support MNPC as we move forward.

Recommended Organisations and individuals covering the field of social mindfulness and training in the UK:

Wider UK Mindfulness Community Links and Friends

Mindfulness Association

We completed much of our training with the Mindfulness Association and now offer Mindfulness Based EDI Consultancy Services to the organisation.

Mindfulness and Social Change Network – (MSCN)

We have engaged extensively with the Mindfulness for social change network and continue to support them in exploring this important intersection.

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education UK (iBme UK)

We are long supporters of iBme UK and the values they represent in delivery mindfulness to 16-24 year olds. It has also been a pleasure to connect with Jem and Hakim at iBme so always in support

Sussex Mindfulness Centre

Dean Francis is newly appointed member of Sussex Mindfulness Centre enlisted as Mindfulness Based EDI and Human Rights Manager.

Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Both Dean and Aesha Francis have been recipients of bursary places offered by the OMC to include attendance at the Mindfulness Summer Schools and Master Class workshops. We have also since been invited to offer an online session that we will materialise in 2022.

British Association of mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA)

Dean Francis is a new Trustee for BAMBA and Co-lead on EDI so watch this space for 2022