General Reading List

Social Mindfulness Resource:

The mindfulness conspiracy, capitalist-spirituality

Social mindfulness as a force for change

Mindfulness and It’s Limitations in a Neoliberal Society

Time for new thinking about mindfulness and social change 

The faux revolution of mindfulness.

The Myth of McMindfulness.

Mindfulness and its discontents

Moving mindfulness from ‘me’ to ‘we’

Buddhas Teaching on Social and communal harmony

Mindful Social Justice

article for Transformation

this book review of McMindfulness

The social role of Yoga Practice

Current opinion in psychology – special issue on mindfulness – open access

The Problem of Mindfulness

Don’t wait for the future of mindfulness – Its already here

Is mindfulness being misrepresented

Social Mindfulness Programme

Responding with love to a civilization in crisis

Does Mindfulness in politics make any difference

Critiques of certain types of Mindfulness

A new social mindfulness resource

3 Ideas to Help New Teachers Create Inclusive Classrooms

love, social change and contemplative education

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Brach, T. (2004) Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With The Heart of a Buddha. London:
Bantum Books. (Recommended)

Braime, H and Moyer, W (2013) The Ultimate Guide To Journaling. Kindle Edition: Amazon.
Crane, R (2009) Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. London: Routledge.

Darwin, J.; (2014) Mindfulness-Based Life Enhancement. Aberdeen: Inspired By Learning.

Germer, C,; Siegel, R.; Fulton, P. (2005) Mindfulness and Psychotherapy. London: The Guildford

Gilbert, P.: Choden. (2013) Mindful Compassion. Using the Power of Mindfulness and Compassion
To Transform Our Lives. London: Robinson. (Recommended)

Hanson, R.; Seigel, D. (2009) Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and
Wisdom. Oakland, USA: New Harbinger Publications.

Hayes, S.; Smith, S (2005) Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life: The New Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy. Oakland, USA: New Harbinger Publications.

Kabat-Zinn, J (2004) Wherever You Go There You Are. London: Piatkus (Recommended)

Kabat-Zinn, J.; Davidson, R. (2012) The Mind’s Own Physician. A Scientific Dialogue With The

Dalai Lama on the Healing Power of Meditation. Oakland, USA: New Harbinger.

Kornfield, J. (2002) A Path With a Heart. The Classic Guide Through The Perils and Promises of
Spiritual Life. London: Rider.

Nairn, R (2007) Living, Dreaming, Dying. South Africa: Kairon Press.

Richmond, L (1999) Work as Spiritual Practice. How To Bring Depth and Meaning To The Work
You Do. London: Piatkus.

Taylor, J (2009) My Stroke of Insight. London: Hodder and Stoughton. (Recommended)

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Freeing Yourself From Chronic Unhappiness. London: Guildford Press.

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche; Swanson, E. (2009) The Joy of Living. Unlocking The Secret and
Science of Living. London: Bantum Books. (Recommended)

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