At the end of this video, Rob Nairn Talks very clearly about a prediction that his teacher Akong Rinphoche made about the potential of teaching African People Buddhism and Mindfulness. Explaining that Buddhism /mindfulness would spread like wild fire when African People get an understanding of this because that are in direct contact with their suffering on a physical level all of the time.
In MBIT – we try to explain who people of colour embody their suffering just by being in bodies racialised as black and the outfall of that.
Home work practice is to try and do the coherent breathing practice for at least 10 minutes a day if possible. A few minutes of coherent breathing before taking in the video material might also be useful.
Dr Joy Degruy – Sharing content from her 10 week Graduate course in two hours where she speaks about the Cognitive Dissonance that was created as part of the racialisation of humanity and how this was required to justify slavery and systemic inequalities. She also explains how such dissonance was supported by scientific racism and still hinders contemporary society today.
Dr Joy Degruy – In London in 2008. She again breaks down the concept of Post Traumatic Slave disorder and cognitive dissonance and how it effects all of us regardless of whether we are racialised as black or white and how all of us need healing and that this healing is a collective process.
Dr Peter Levine – Talking about healing of trauma and how trauma can get trapped in the body. He explains the risk of bypass and integrating the shadow or underside as well and the over side. Healing from racism and racialisation requires all of us to integrate and explore racialisation through trauma sensitive mindfulness training.
An introduction to how Conditioned Biases about groups of people can impact our relationships and prevent connection and how mindfulness links to healing relational trauma.

Dr Steven Porges talking about the neuroscience of polarisation. Part two of a four part series on on the neuroscience of polarisation.