Who is the MBIT DRASIC online programme for? 

  • People of colour who identify as black, African, Caribbean, Asian or Global South heritage or Diaspora who have an aspiration to learn how we might dismantle racism and social inequality collectively and mindfully.
  • Those interested in the educational upskilling of all people of colour who might wish to open new possibilities to discuss, reflect upon and therefore transform fixed and negative notions of race based harm collectively.
  • Those interested in fostering solidarity between BPOC communities and statutory organisations to build trust and individual and collective agency, that works cross culturally at dismantling racism and social inequalities in a way that is grounded in integrity for all oppressed groups and wider society.
  • Those interested in building the capacity of BPOC to promote diversity and inclusion in their groups and workplaces through non adversarial peer learning support grounded in mindful reflection and contemplation.
  • Those interested in enhancing inter-cultural competence and understanding through dialogue and collaborative anti-racist initiatives that alleviate racial suffering and nurtures mutual care for self, others and planet.
  • Those interested in influencing policy makers and commissioners through a solidarity project that aims to build the evidence base for BPOC communities, by BPOC communities that facilitate engagement with culturally appropriate mindfulness training.
  • Those interested in development of a collaborative enterprise and social mobility initiative designed to address all forms of identity based harm as we grow in a way that disrupts indifference to oppression through collaborative prosocial change grounded in solidarity, mindful contemplative practice and action.

Course cohorts begin:


Cohort 1 – Saturday 9th April 10am – Saturday 9th July | NOW FULL

Cohort 2 – Sunday 10th April 10am – Sunday 10th July | NOW FULL


Cohort 3 – Saturday 17th September 10am – Saturday 17th December | Spaces available

Cohort 4 – Sunday 18th September 10am – Sunday 18th December | Spaces available

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