Awakening Through Audre Lorde

6th May 2022

Four Buddhists explore how the life and work of the Black, feminist, lesbian poet Audre Lorde serves as a gateway to the dharma The post…

The History of Pure Land Buddhism

5th May 2022

Pure Land is both a distinct school of Buddhism that developed in Japan and, says Aaron Proffitt, a cornerstone of the whole Mahayana tradition. The…

Tú eres la Gran Perfección

5th May 2022

Tú ya eres perfecto. Tú ya eres un buda. De hecho, no hay diferencia entre tu verdadera naturaleza, justo ahora mientras estás sentado leyendo esto,…

Develop a Mind Like Sky

4th May 2022

Meditation comes alive through a growing capacity to release our habitual conflicts and worries that make up our sense of self, and to rest in…

Three Practices That Healed My Heart After A Traumatic Injury

4th May 2022

When a car drove over her foot, Carla Beharry felt like her anger would never end. She soon learned that the only way out of suffering is through it. The…

The Freedom of Emptiness

4th May 2022

At the heart of the path of the paramitas is prajna, or wisdom—but a wisdom that goes beyond our conventional ideas about it. Yongey Mingyur…

How to Practice Zazen

4th May 2022

Jules Shuzen Harris teaches Zazen, the meditation practice at the heart of Zen Buddhism. The post How to Practice Zazen appeared first on Lion’s Roar.

I Never Gave Up on Dharma: Ngakpa Kalzang’s Journey from Tibet

3rd May 2022

Dhondup T. Rekjong tells the story of Ngakpa Kalzang, an exile of Tibet and experienced tantric Buddhist practitioner working as a landscaper on Canada’s Vancouver…

The Lion’s Roar Podcast: Black Male Vulnerability in Buddhist Community

3rd May 2022

Willie Mukei Shoman Smith, SoOn Eli Brown-Stevenson, and Malik Watkins talk to Lion’s Roar’s Pamela Ayo Yetunde. The post The Lion’s Roar Podcast: Black Male…

Reimagining School Through a Buddhist Lens

2nd May 2022

Susan Yao explores how Buddhist principles could help us reimagine the American school system. The post Reimagining School Through a Buddhist Lens appeared first on…